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The Petsnpets Forum is an online forum that acts as an intermediary between parties who are interested in pets lifestyle, pets products and adopting stray/abandoned animals and those fostering the animals. This initiative is to provide a simple and effective platform to host a collaboration platform for pet parents who are interested in adoption, rescue and relief work. The Petsnpets Forum is strictly an ‘online forum’. Any members/non members of the Forum who are keen on putting up animals for adoption, can use the forum to upload photographs of their rescues/fosters and leverage the our community.

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Was always expecting this sort of forum for pet parents in India. Good start.

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Thanks @NetViz . Please keep this forum going by regularly engaging in posts.

I like the idea and hope that so pet owners can help each other… We are from Goa and we have 2 Pugs (7 & 6 years) and 2 French Bulldogs (7 years and the 10 month).


Thank you @susan2020 , our intent as you said hosting a platform for pet parents across India. We wish all pet parents make use of this and make this forum a successful one. Please spread the word about this forum. also would you be able to answer, Can dogs experience anxiety?